Wednesday, September 2, 2015

To Debate or not to Debate. That is the Debate.

The Republican debates have started, and have already showcased different candidates and issues. But the Democrats have put off starting their debates until October. That should give Hillary plenty of time to work on her horrible debate skills. But it hurts the other candidates who are trying to get their own messages and ideas out.

Is the Democratic National Committee trying to shield her from tough questions from reporters and other candidates?

Ah, your consideration for those other Democratic candidate's messages is heartwarming! You want to hear more of the Democratic and Progressive messages? I agree that it would be good to get those ideas out in the mainstream. Otherwise, Trump starts to look normal.

But I'm not too much into conspiracy theories involving any national committee attempting to cater to the idiosyncrasies of a particular candidate.

But I think your "question" wording is very clever. I like how you call her "Hillary"... that removes any respect that she may have earned as a lawyer, Secretary of State, or any other position that she has held. I like in the question is the implicit "fact" that she has "horrible debate skills" and that the national committee would be colluding with her to hide that fact. I like how you framed the Republican debates as "showcase" of differing ideas---better word than "circus". I like how you used the word "Democrat," what many would call a slur:

All that in just a simple question. To answer it would be to acknowledge it, like answering "do you still beat your wife?"

Interesting non-answer. Let me comment on your multiple attempts to desperately change the subject, and then you can step up to the bat again.

The other Democrats in the race have made the same allegations. The lack of debates favors the candidates who have money to run ads. Debates are the way for others to get their ideas out to the public. Without more debates, you limit the messaging to the wealthiest. When I ran for office, I did my best to encourage every neighborhood association to hold their own forums and debates, because I had limited funds to work with, as opposed to my competitor who had raised money for over 20 years. Do you want Hillary to win just because she's taken in millions from all corners of the globe? No. I'm sure you want the best candidate.

Funny, but I think you usually call Hillary, "Hillary". I don't know any others named Hillary, and she herself has a big logo with an "H". She doesn't have a logo that says "Clinton". Nice try to make this into some kind of attack against women or their accomplishments. She is actually so well known, that she only needs the name Hillary. Like Madonna. Or Cher.

Her debate skills sank her against President Obama the last time around, and I think everyone knows that adding  debates for the Democrats will likely expose not only her weaknesses, but will likely make her campaign more of a joke, rather than a circus.

What should I call the Democrats if the word is so humiliating to you?

The term is "Democratic Party."

Why is it that Tea Partiers find conspiracy wherever they look? I think a year of "debates" is more than enough time for most people to understand a candidate's  positions, and to form an opinion. Whether these are actually debates is another issue.

So, to answer your non-question: no, there is no conspiracy regarding the Democratic National Convention debate schedule.

Riiiiight. The question is not having debates over a year's time. The question is how many debates.

I didn't realize Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley were Tea Party members (which is the correct term for a tea party member….well actually, we don't have members.  Anyone who ascribes to the belief that the government is too big, and needs to spend our money wisely can say they belong to the tea party. Seems odd you would make such a big deal about what we call your political party, and then use a term you would probably agree is disparaging to describe my political affiliation). After all, they were the ones who brought up the issue, not anyone from the tea party.

Oh well, I wonder if Hillary has been measured for her crown yet.

"We don't have members." Oh, the irony. We'll have to discuss Tea Party Politics in another post. For now, we'll just have to agree that Secretary of State Clinton should get a crown.

It's currently looking like handcuffs might be more likely…..

I'll take that bet. We should keep a running list of predictions, and see which of us is dreaming.

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