Monday, May 4, 2015

Ground Rules

Welcome to our new blog.
If past experience is any hint, Doug and I will be presenting quite differing takes on the state of the world, politics, religion, culture, and anything and everything in between. Although it may appear that we disagree on just about everything, there are some things we concur on. Like which one of us is the smarter brother, for instance.

There is no topic that is out of bounds. If there is a topic you'd like us to address, let us know, and we'll add it to the lineup.

Before we begin, we should probably lay out some ground rules. We want the blog to be an interesting examination of current events. Both of us come from a science background, and at least one of our goals is to provide real arguments based on facts instead of the most current trend or catchy meme. We encourage discussion and comments. Especially if you agree with me.

Some topics are likely to create more discussion than others. We would like to be a "free-speech" zone, and don't intend to delete comments. Please don't make me. So, play by the rules (which are subject to change whenever we feel like it).

  1. No biting.
  2. No cursing.
  3. No hair pulling.
  4. No Indian Burns. (Can you still say that? Or does it now have to be called "Native-American burns"?)
  5. No kicking.
  6. Absolutely no Vulcan nerve pinch.
  7. Try to be concise.
  8. Be polite.
  9. No bending back of pinky fingers.
  10. No name calling. What I mean here is Saul Alinsky tactics are not allowed. Attacking the messenger with personal insults is not the same as debating the issues.
  11. Be respectful.
  12. No eye gouging.
  13. Wear proper foot gear.

Don't get too worked up, and try to enjoy the blog.  I know I will. And Doug will, too, once he comes around to the right way of thinking.

Ok, great! Let's get going! I think we can boil down the rules a bit. I had never heard of Saul Alinsky, so I think we can better define that one. And, no, you shouldn't use "Indian burn" (I think "political correctness" could be on the list of topics to discuss; see rule #1 below). And as long as we don't use the "Avada Kedavra" curse, a little cursing is ok. How about:

  1. Be respectful.
  2. Discuss the issue, not the person (no ad hominem attacks).
Doesn't that about cover it? 

As for comments, I think we will have to approve comments, rather than having to delete inappropriate ones. Otherwise, we would end up with comments from robots advertising products that break most of your rules, and then some. Shouldn't we just approve comments that add to the conversation? Comments such as "I think Doug is right" don't really add to the conversation. And there could be quite a few such comments...might overwhelm the system.

I agree with you, Doug.  
(That may be the first and last time you hear that phrase in this blog!)


  1. What are your views on No Child Left Behind and school spending?

  2. We're working on posts on public school-related issues. Thanks for the idea!


Please be kind and respectful. Thanks!