Monday, August 3, 2015

In the News: Donald Trump

Why is Donald Trump leading in many of the Republican polls? What is wrong with these Republicans?

If Trump were a Democrat, he'd be leading those polls as well. Name recognition is the name of the game in these early months, and Trump has more of that than even Bush and Clinton. But after a short while, his antics will wear thin, and we'll all move on to more serious ideas.

I guarantee you that if Jon Stewart announced his candidacy tomorrow, he'd be leading the Democrat field by Monday.

No way would a fool like Donald Trump lead any Democratic Party polls. There are certain things that they just won't tolerate, and being a loudmouth, slimy businessman, organized crime-connected, idiot pretty much ensures no support from Democrats.

I would consider voting for Jon Stewart, because he has good ideas and is consistent, not because of "name recognition." He would lead the polls by tomorrow afternoon. Our family went to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in DC in 2010. Stewart and Colbert are funny and thoughtful people.

But back to the question and reality: why are Republicans even considering Trump now? If it were just name recognition, why isn't Bush number one? Surely after 12 years of "President Bushes", that would have the highest name recognition of all. And didn't Trump's "antics" give him name recognition? Again, what is wrong with anyone that would vote for Trump?

Slimy, crime-connected…..sounds a lot like the person leading the Democratic polls at the moment. And most Democrats (greater than 50% find her "untrustworthy") are still planning to vote for old Hillary. So much for what Democrats expect from their leaders.

Bush's name-recognition works against him. George finished up with two unpopular wars under his belt, and Jeb has a lot of work to establish himself as his own person. Hillary is still riding high on Bill's name, but she ain't Bill.  She certainly isn't funny or thoughtful. Perhaps calculating and manipulating describe her better. All of the scandals that Billy survived still linger, and every time Hillary opens her robot-like mouth, she reinforces all of the potential negatives and scandals that the Clinton name evokes.

Trump, and guys like Stewart, can say anything they want. They can say the things many are thinking, and stoke the anti-establishment feelings of the electorate. But in the end, while polling gives them some space to rant, few will actually cast their vote for them.

Glad to hear you would cast your presidential vote for a comedian who has no political or governing skills. I'm sure Putin and the Ayatollahs would enjoy his humorous banter. It is also telling that you would vote for him over Hillary or the other candidates. Still looking for a better choice in a field of losers?

Doug:Trump actually brags about his mob-connected deals. You still think that the Clintons committed some kind of property crime back in Arkansas? You aren't just beating a dead horse... there is nothing left but dust.

Being a comedian, or an actor (like Ronald Reagan), doesn't discount one's ability to be a fine politician. Good leaders surround themselves with smart people, listen to them, and then make decisions. I believe that many people could fill that role. Trump is not one of those people.

Of course, Donald Trump is a billionaire. You don't get to be a billionaire by making bad decisions and surrounding yourself with morons. But he is not a politician. That is part of the reason people like what he's saying. He doesn't hedge everything he says behind a wall of carefully chosen, but meaningless, words. He's obviously not running his campaign from poll to poll, like many politicians these days. 

Hillary has changed her positions more than her pantsuits. If I were a Democrat, I'd be worried that the only real candidate for my team has almost 60% of voters saying she is not someone they trust. As an American, I find it a bit disheartening that a major political party just shrugs and seems to think that's OK.

I might remind you that General David Petraeus had his home raided by the FBI, was convicted of a crime, and is now on probation for having improperly-stored, classified information in his home. Hillary has an entire server (that she set up and used, against government rules) full of classified information. Two different inspectors general have referred her to the FBI and justice department. Do you think this partisan administration is going to treat her in the same manner? Will they even bother to investigate? Do you think this brand of justice is fair?

The idea that is was "full of classified information" is incorrect. And the claim that she has been referred to the FBI is also wrong. The server she had was an email server. Do I think she will be treated in the same manner as Petraeus, who was having an affair with a reporter? No. And they are continuing to investigate. 

She said she sent over all of the emails that were not private. Turned out that was not true. Then, she said none of the emails had classified information in them. The IGs sampled 40 emails, and found classified information in 4 of them. That's ten percent of the emails. And I doubt anyone in this administration will investigate anything relating to the Clintons.

But, back to the topic at hand (do I get the idea that you keep changing the topic?): can you become a billionaire by making bad decisions and surrounding yourself with morons? Absolutely! Just look at Donald J. Trump. The trouble for Republicans is that some of his ideas are Republican ideas. Too bad for them that he is such an Ass Clown (a term I do not use lightly). But don't get me wrong: I hope/pray/cast* that he is the Republican nominee. 

*cast, as in "spell casting," which I consider equally effective as "hoping" and "praying."

Actually, we are still on topic. I think the reason that guys like Trump, or Bernie Sanders, resonate with some voters, is that they are tired of Washington politicians who talk and talk, but don't actually say anything or outright lie to the public. Once they learn more of Trump's past, and his dealings (particularly with Democrats), he'll loose his shine. People want someone they can trust, and Trump gives the impression that he's telling it like it is. Bernie Sanders is a better example of someone who can capture the hopes of an electorate that hates Washington politics. But as soon as the media starts saying he's a Socialist (which he admits he is), he'll be done.

I'm going to have to agree with you! 

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